Are you an organization that could use assistance from responders? Please use the request response form to get in contact with us! We’re looking to pair responders with projects and assignments that suit the abilities they provided.

Do you have a story to share? Whether a volunteer story or an evacuation story. I’ll host them on a page on this website. Let me know by using my contact form!

October 14 Update: We have partnered with Sonoma County Recovers! They are fulfilling the vision I had that inspired me to make this website. Please sign up for an account on their website as well. Report all volunteer hours to have your name show on our Hall of Fame as a way of saying, “I Said ‘I Will Respond,’ and I Responded!”

October 10, 2017 – Today I observed that there were many people willing to help out during the northern California fires. However, there wasn’t an efficient way to get willing volunteers in contact with organizations or families that needed assistance. I created this simple website to accept volunteer requests in hopes of pairing them with those who could really use their skilled services and specific resources.

This website efforts to take advantage of the strengths, abilities, and resources of generous volunteers in this dire time of need.

My name is Jason. The marketing company I work for (The 108 Group, LLC) is in the heart of Santa Rosa and has felt the nasty effects of this disaster. We created this website to help get people connected who need it most.

How to reach out to volunteers

Currently, the only way is to send me a message through the Request Response Form and I’ll ensure your message gets out there. Please include as much detail as possible so I can verify your affiliation on behalf of your organization.