Are you an organization that could use assistance from responders? Please use the request response form to get in contact with us! We’re looking to pair responders with projects and assignments that suit the abilities they provided.

1. Submit your information

Use the Sign-Up Form. You’ll be added to the list of active responders. You can remove yourself from the list at any time.

2. Organizations/families in need request responder

Oct 14 Update: We’ve partnered with Sonoma County Recovers. Create an account on there and fill out the volunteer form on here.

We will send out occasional emails to responders with information, projects, updates, and volunteer opportunities. Likewise, organizations may request responders for a specific project/task.

3. Report your volunteer time for the Hall of Fame

After you complete an assignment, fill out the “I Responded” Form. We’ll add you to the Hall of Fame. Every one hour of volunteer time is worth one Response Point. High Responders will be commended on this website.

And now for some basic questions. If you have a question, fill out the Contact Form.

Question: Where does my information go? How is it used?

Your basic information is only sent out to qualified individuals and organizations in order for them to get in contact with you. It’s not used for any purpose other than this. You may opt-out as a volunteer at any time (by using the contact form).

Question: Why did you make this website?

I created this site after browsing Reddit’s Santa Rosa threads and seeing so many people willing to help out but no organized way to get them in contact with people in need. The company I work for, The 108 Group, has helped in funding and assistance to make this possible. This website is all un-official and non-profit. This website also exists to commend people who responded and showcase their efforts in the Hall of Fame.

In the future, we may build out the iWillRespond platform to apply to other incidents.